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At AKAL Mortgages, we understand that self-employed individuals and business owners have unique circumstances when it comes to securing mortgage loans. Because of tax write-offs, their documented incomes tend to appear much lower than they actually are, which can create complications during the loan application and approval process.

Fortunately, our mortgage brokerage works with many lenders who understand that self-employed individuals are the backbone of Canada’s economy and need to be supported. The lenders we work with offer self-employed individuals fantastic mortgage options and are willing to accept reasonable estimates of these individuals’ annual incomes. They also provide fast approval and loan turnaround times.

If you are self-employed, turn to AKAL Mortgages for help securing:

  • A mortgage loan
  • A loan for home renovations
  • Financing for your other personal needs
  • Debt consolidation

Don’t buy into the myth that self-employed people can’t qualify for mortgage loans! Get a free evaluation by calling our office today at (416) 621-1300.

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