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You may be wondering if a Mortgage Broker is necessary to get a mortgage with the best deals. You may also be wondering if you can even get a mortgage with less-than-perfect credit. Let’s take a look at Mortgage Brokers in Kitchener and what they do. You may find out something about brokers you didn’t know before and be surprised at the amount of support they give their clients. Getting a mortgage to buy a house is exciting and challenging, but it shouldn’t be stressful.

Why Choose A Mortgage Broker in Kitchener?

Mortgage Brokers in Kitchener are trained professionals that can guide you through the process of getting a mortgage and are local to your area. They can make the challenging moments more enjoyable, because they care about your interests. It is easy to trust someone who knows the area and people. Communicating with local brokers is much easier than others because there is no long distance travelling or phone calls. You can meet the broker in person whenever you need to.

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How to Get the Best Rates for Mortgages in Kitchener?


Trying to get the best rate you can for a mortgage may seem difficult, but there are some ideas that can help getting those good rates easier.

When looking at terms and rates, there are two things to keep in mind. An adjustable-rate mortgage allows you to chose between 15, 20 and 30 year terms. A Short-term loan is also available. The short-term loan and adjustable -rate mortgage are both known for having lower rates, making them less risky for Mortgage Brokers to allow. Communicate with your mortgage broker about rates so if they fluctuate, you will be able to deal with them.

It is always a good idea to have a good credit score. A good, or high credit score allows you to qualify for better rates and mortgages. Paying off any debt and making payments for any bills on time, will help your credit score stay in good standing. Pay off as much debt as you can.

There is something called Discount points. You can pay for discount points and they will help you lower rates for you. You pay a certain amount of money and that puts a percentage towards lowering rates.

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How to Get the Best Rates for Mortgages in Kitchener?

Not everyone has good credit, but that shouldn’t stop them from getting a mortgage so they can buy a house and settle into a good life. Everyone has their own financial struggles, and unique story. Having bad credit will make getting a mortgage hard, but you can still do it. You have many options, and some of them are listed below.

Remember: like any mortgage, Lenders will look at your income, credit score, total debt amount, size of downpayment and any debts in collections that you have.

  • Credit history is important. Keep your oldest credit card, or the one with the longest credit history. You can get rid of all the rest, but keep the one with the longest history. Since the oldest credit card has the longest history, lenders can use it for credit history.
  • Co-signers add security. When you have a co-signer, you are showing the lenders that no matter what, you will be making the payments on your mortgage. Co-signers are treated as co-borrowers and will have their income and be considered just like you. They are legally expected to make payments if you can’t.
  • Renewing Terms may help. When your current mortgage term is coming up for renewal, you can begin negotiations for better terms and rates. During the current term, it is recommended to work on finances, and when the term is over, that is when you renew.
  • Debt avoidance. Try to avoid getting any new credit cards or accounts during this time. By avoiding such things, you can avoid going deeper in debt
  • Credit Limit. It is recommended that you stay under 30% of your available credit card limit. You can still use credit, but have limits.
  • Down payments, if large, will give security to the mortgage lenders. They will feel that you are more able to make monthly payments on your mortgage. Down payments usually lower payments as well.
  • You may need to change Lenders. There are many lenders out there, so you know you can shop around for the right lender for you and your situation. Some situations call for Private Mortgage lenders. Other situations like bankruptcy or bad credit, will have you expanding your search for lenders who work especially with people with those problems.
  • Make Payments on time. It will only help you if you make all your payments of bills and other obligations on time. Don’t miss payments, and if you can’t afford the whole amount, make partial payments or go on a payment plan. Make some sort of payment on each bill.
  • The Bad Credit Mortgage. There is actually a mortgage made just for people with bad credit. Collateral is needed to secure the loan. You may need to accept a higher interest rate and have higher mortgage payments. If you have a large deposit, it will help you.

Advantages of Using a Mortgage Broker in Kitchener

Mortgage brokers in Kitchener work for their clients. They take the time to get to know you and your financial situation. They come with numerous benefits. The biggest benefit of using a mortgage broker is that they save you time, energy and money. Their flexible hours make it easy to work around other schedules.

A mortgage broker had access to an unlimited amount of lenders, mortgage products and rates. They know some lenders will only work with these clients, so you wouldn’t even know of some opportunities if you didn’t use a broker. They handle negotiating too, so you can thank their market and industry training.

Brokers won’t send your application to lenders they know won’t accept them. With a broker, you just need to fill out one application and the broker does the rest. He or she will send it out multiple times to multiple lenders. Brokers can look at multiple rates, compare them, and make sure your credit report isn’t pulled each time you go to a different lender.

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  • Jas Bath

    The experience with AKAL Mortgages Inc. is great!!! I recently got approved for a business loan thought them and the agent that helped me with the process was outstanding. I am impressed with the convenience and very helpful service. I hear their agents on the radio all the time making consumer aware of the options available about mortgages and loans. And, they way they do, touch my heart. So honest and ethical.

  • Oli Rubion

    My wife and I visited AKAL mortgages Inc. due to their reputation in the market. We were attended in a timely fashion to discuss our mortgage and line of credit needs. We are so glad that we were provided with great options and solutions to choose from. We are very happy and satisfied from the services provided by AKAL mortgages Inc. We definitely recommend their services to our family and friends.

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